From CAD drawings to series production.

Injection moulding

All our machines are equipped with robots to allow extraction of the injected parts from the moulds or to carry out operations with added value: fitting of inserts, cutting of sprues, sorting of parts, …,while maintaining excellent repeatability.

We carry out overmoulding operations of metal inserts, plastic parts or other components with a vibrating bowl feeder. Using our robots, we also carry out control and detection operations,with sensors or cameras.

We are also able to produce bi-material parts (2K).

Finally, we also have the capability, in the case of business opportunities, to carry out production on 1,500 T and 3,000 T presses.

Production planning and management are controlled by CAPM (Computer Assisted Production Management).

Installation/ assembly / finishing

We have various dedicated assembly lines that can transform a single piece into a module or subassembly. These operations may include :

  • ATEQ sealing tests,
  • Compliance checks using cameras
  • Seal installation/removal
  • Ultrasonic or vibration welding
  • Pad printing or screen printing
  • Data matrix labelling for total traceability of the manufacturing process

Quality control

Quality control is based on a triple system :

  • Visual inspection by the press operator at the time of packaging of the part
  • Internal customs control
  • Frequency control according to the range validated with the customer through measuring means and control templates


Our means of measurement are of different natures :

  • Calipers
  • Micrometer
  • Profile gauge
  • Probe / plug gauge
  • Binoculars
  • Roughness gauge
  • 3D measurement via external partners
  • Optical sensors and cameras


Supply chain

Our Supply Chain management system is based on an ERP system that allows integrated and synchronized management from customer order to delivery through supply, inventory and production planning.

This system allows us to optimize the management of the 100 raw materials and the thousands of components we supply, as well as the 500 product references delivered all over the world.