Technical expertise, committed employees, for a 360 ° service.

Full project management

SARPLAST assists you in the realization of your plastic parts project from the design phase.

From the parts plan to the delivery of the product, a competent team will accompany you during all the stages of a project to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

We integrate all the constraints related to our business that will make your product economical, aesthetic and compliant with your specifications.

We adapt investment to the volume of the relevant market. Our production equipment needs to be kept in line with the volumes to be produced.

Technical expertise

Based on your specifications, we offer the best technical solution to realize your products :

  • Choice of materials,
  • Optimization of shapes,
  • Optimization of costs,
  • Control of deadlines.

We design tools related to the final part and the injection moulding constraints, using simulation software (rheology).

During this process, the quality of the final product is at the centre of our approach.

In partnership with our mould makers, we can offer you parts or mould prototypes before final realization of the series production moulds. We are prime contractors for the realization of your moulds in Europe or in low cost countries.

Our molding partners, equipped with latest-generation digital control software and equipment, use European standard steels.

Our team carries out the entire manufacturing and development process and guarantees the quality and conformity of the tooling: qualitative, dimensional, functional validation …

Dynamism and Competitiveness

Our dynamism is characterized by competent, motivated teams, with a spirit of continuous improvement (Kaizen) and a strong sense of customer service.

We are particularly vigilant in maintaining a virtuous balance between fixed and variable costs, which allows us to offer excellent quality / product / service levels. Investments are targeted according to the product mix and the strategy defined by the company. Thus, in 2017, the SARPLAST machine base will accommodate various electric presses.