Being competitive is mandatory. Customer satisfaction is a must.

Quality is the main vector of development contributing to the long-term setting-up of our reputation in the eyes of our customers and to the conquest of new markets/customers. This is why SARPLAST’s top Management has decided to implement a Quality Management System. We are convinced of all the interest and benefits of such a system for our company. This collective commitment is a key success factor.

The pursued goals are defined in the document « 2017 Quality Objectives » and are periodically reviewed in order to check their consistency with the Quality System in place.

Quality is a mindset and a permanent attitude of SARPLAST’s associates. It must reflect through the parts we manufacture, our services, our managerial and technical expertise, and the behavior of our associates. The ultimate aim is to offer the best trade-off between Quality, Cost and Lead Time to our customers.

SARPLAST’s strategy is organized around 6 guidelines :

  • GUIDELINE # 1 : Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • GUIDELINE # 2 : Safety strengthening
  • GUIDELINE # 3 : Improvement of production processes
  • GUIDELINE # 4 : Sustainable operating profit growth
  • GUIDELINE # 5 : Strong personal involvement of all associates
  • GUIDELINE # 6 : Winning new customers

which translate through the follow-up of the Quality Action Plan defined during the Strategic Management Review Meeting (SMRM). The performance improvement is tracked via our dashboard of indicators and reviewed at monthly meetings (COMEX, Production Meeting, Development Meeting, Quality Meeting, …).

The principles of the Quality Policy are :

  • Commitment to meet required technical specifications
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Solid and professional partnership with suppliers
  • Staff versatility development
  • Collective involvement in the Quality process at all levels
  • Methodology, precision and reliability

The main mission of the Quality Manager is to promote and develop the Quality Management System. He/She must guarantee its comprehension and implementation by SARPLAST’s staff. All the decisions and actions implemented within this field have my full support.

Christian GUINDON
Juillet 2017